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Miniature Makers' Workshop Tribute and Closing

It's with a very heavy heart that I announce that on December 16th 2017, Miniature Makers' Workshop will close its doors. As many of you know, my mom, Darlene Hall (owner) passed away in February 2017, and honestly, a big piece of the shop died when she passed away. Owning this store was her retirement dream come true. She ran Miniature Makers' with her very best friend of over 40 years and fellow miniaturist, Jan (many of you know Jan). My mom loved the shop and would spend her days and some very, very late nights there working away in her little closet office. She and Jan, would spend what they called "Dollhouse Night" at the store, ordering in pizza and working away some nights past midnight, but to them it wasn't work on "Dollhouse Night" when they were there, they were admiring, loving and looking at every little detail on a piece of furniture and planning their next projects, they really loving every moment together at the store.

One of the many things that I believe sets this business apart from other business are the employees. These ladies know EVERYTHING about dollhouses, miniatures, crafting, decorating, and repairs. They can answer your question, find what you need and remember your name from the last time you came in. What business can say they do that anymore? I know when I walk into a store, I'm only referred to as "Ma'am" or "Miss". Miniature Makers' Workshops "small town store" feel on big busy Woodward will be missed dearly. I know I'm not in the store often (I have a busy 14.5 year old and an almost 5 year old) but when I do come in, I love seeing customers smile and walk to the backroom to chat to the ladies and shop like they are in the comfort of their own living room. That will be missed dearly.

I would like to share a little info about the wonderful MMW employees that maybe you didn't know. Without their love and dedication there would be no Miniature Makers' Workshop.

Jan and my mom were the very best of friends for over 40 years. They met and bonded over their shared stories of adopting kids, raising families, and the love of dollhouses. My mom said none of this (meaning buying and running the shop) would have been possible without Jan (and her husband Jesse's help too) being right by her side every step of the way. Jan is a wealth of knowledge about all things minitures and decorating. She is a college degreed professional Interior Designer and has a eye for perfecting a space and that extra detail to really make your dollhouse room exactly how you envisioned it. My mom use to say, "Jan's the boss, I'm just the owner" and it's true. Jan knows the store and the ins and outs like no other.

You all know Carole, one of the most creative and talented dollhouse and room box artist you will ever find. The attention to detail in her work, is out of this world. And with Carole's great eye for interior design (yes she is also a college degreed Interior Designer) she has a wonderful eye for colors, space and placement and has always been able to help a customer look at a space in a different way.

And last but certainly not least..... Is Dorothy and her quick wit and funny sense of humor. Dorothy isn't at the shop full-time, she fills-in when needed, but the times she is there she's a wonder of knowledge and help (and my mom loved to chat with her). Her many years of involvement with minitures, makes her an expert and customers know this....she would have an answer for them with suggestions and pulling out materials as they stand at the counter.

I would also like to send a very special THANK YOU to Jerry. Jerry was my mom's partner for the past 7+ years. He not only helped her when she became very ill, but also helped around Miniature Makers'. He would take care of winter snow and ice help, even coming to the shop to help.

I've been very lucky that the wonderful staff has been able to keep the shop running day-to-day since my mom became so ill and was in and out of hospitals for nearly 9+ months, then when she passed and then after her passing. But the very sad truth is the store cannot continue to sustain itself. With very high rising costs, it's very difficult for a small business to keep up with the times. We would like to thank every single customer, from our first time customers to our very longtime customers, a very big THANK YOU!! We will miss you and we know you will miss Miniture Makers' Workshop.

Please come in before we close on December 16th to see us.

Join us for our last series of classes. We have lined up some of your favorite instructors and they are providing some wonderful projects. We really hope you can attend 1, 2 or all of them! Please see sign-up information below.

Our website is still up and running, check it out at

You can find us on Facebook and stay in touch with up-to-date information.

For layaway and gift certificate questions or any questions, please call the shop at 248-549-0633


Please Join Us: Darlene Hall Celebration of Life • Sunday, June 11th, 2017

You are invited to a celebration honoring the life of Darlene Hall and her love of dollhouses and dollhouse miniatures. Darlene was the proud owner of Miniature Makers’ Workshop until she passed away in mid-February 2017. 

We are very excited to share with you our mom’s most treasured dollhouse, The Queen Anne, which was beautifully completed by Wilhelmina Secumski at the end of February.  While she was never able to see the completed house, furnished with miniatures she carefully selected over the years with Jan’s help, we know she would be thrilled to share it with you, her friends and fellow miniature enthusiasts.

 In addition to The Queen Anne, you will be able to view and purchase items from her private collection along with all other items in the shop. (To prepare for the special sale and party on Sunday, June 11th, Miniature Makers' Workshop will CLOSE on Saturday, June 10th.)

Sunday, June 11th, 2017  

Miniature Makers' Workshop

11am - 5pm

Refreshments will be served

Special discount of 10% off that days purchases

*all sales are final and no discount on consignment items*

We look forward to seeing you!

Amanda Guanco and Rebecca Kinney

Great News!  

We now have an impressive selection of 1/2" scale furniture and accessories, some new, some vintage. We are feverishly working on getting it ready to display.  Most everything should be out by the start of classes.  Come take a look!

How about a "mini" day trip? 

The Midwest Miniatures Museum in Hickory Corners, MI is a delight to see.  There are amazing miniatures in 1/12th to 1/144thscale with attention to every detail.  As an added bonus, the museum sits on the sprawling property of the Gilmore Car Museum.  Among many automobile related buildings there is even a vintage diner where you can have a nice lunch or cold drink. Together they make a great outing. For more information call (269) 671-4404 or go online at Open May 1st - October 31st.  11-8 Weekdays and 11 - 6 Saturday and Sunday.


Please check back regularly for our updated schedule.

Our Wish Book continues to be very popular for all ages.  Family and friends can visit and purchase chosen items without the hassle of trying to guess what the perfect gift might be. We also have Gift Certificates available in any dollar amount and valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase. 

ASK US: If you are looking for something special, let us know - we are happy to help find it or place special orders for it.

Magazines: For your convenience, we are now carrying current issues of American Miniaturist, Dollhouse Miniatures and Miniature Collector magazines.   As always, we have loads of back issues filled with wonderful feature stories and projects to do. A bargain at only $1.00 to $2.00 each.

"NEW" AQUISITIONS: We are continually receiving new and estate pieces. Stop in often to visit and see what's new on the floor.  Our ever popular "Bargain Basement" in the corner of our workshop changes often and there is always something "interesting" to be seen.   

Social Media: Please visit us on Facebook.

Special Announcement Regarding our Vintage and Collectible Pieces

We had planned to invite you all for "punch & cookies" at an event where we showcased our long hidden treasures, but there's never enough time to plan a proper party! So, we have been busy researching and processing the many items "residing" in our back room.  Now we want to get them out into the light where you can see them, enjoy them and add them to your dollhouses and collections.  

Most of these lovely objects have been acquired from private collections going back to the '70's, '80's and '90's.  Many are artisan-made or collectibles from fine miniature manufactures, and some are vintage mass-produced with their own particular charm.  All will be available for purchase.

Be sure to bring your color swatches along with any necessary dimensions, as ALL SALES OF VINTAGE AND COLLECTIBLE PIECES WIL BE FINAL and ALL ITEMS WILL BE SOLD AS IS.

Among the artisans and manufacturers are:

John R. Adams     C. Werme     Mell Prescott     Rainbow Hand

Burns     C.H. Chase     Daniel Phillip Kronberg     Reminiscence

Bespaq     Sonia Messer Imports     Gudgel Houses     Shackman

Collectible X-Acto     Fantastic Merchandise     Handcraft Designs

Toncross/Sturbridge     Miniatures by ME     Formerz     Al Pluss

C & E Martin     Wee C. Cleevland     Ernie Levy     Braxton Payne

Block House    Butterfly Collection room boxes & much more!!!             

A Special Thank You:

I would like to thank everyone who knew of my recent illness and called, sent cards, prayers and well wishes. I am back at the shop on a slightly limited schedule so please stop in to see me soon.  I miss everyone and all those thoughtful wishes were so appreciated.

Thank you again. Darlene